Made in USA

The Fall / Winter 2011 collection for Blue Bell, Wrangler’s premium denim brand, was inspired by modern–day Los Angeles new pop artist David Buckingham, whose approach to artwork mirrors Blue Bell’s take on denim: modern creations out of historic materials, made in the USA. David Buckingham roams the windblown alleys, abandoned factories, gritty industrial areas, dodgy neighbourhoods, and low deserts of Southern California in search of the cast away, the discarded, the forgotten: old 55–gallon barrels, wheelbarrows, tool boxes, road signs, tractor parts, car doors and gas cans. These battered relics are then carted to a dusty studio in downtown Los Angeles where they are muscled into works of art with a bewildering array of power tools and sheer force of will. All colours are original as found; David Buckingham is no painter.
Concept, art direction, production, casting and location scouting. Photography by Petrovsky and Ramone, styling by Jamie Stewart.

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