Neon Graphic Language

We were commissioned by private karaoke club Lucky Voice to develop their communications strategy, creative direction and concepts, and to create the graphic architecture of their new Brighton flagship club. Our concept was to visually capture the whole Lucky Voice experience - the thrill, emotion and buzz of being a rock ā€˜nā€™ roll star performing live for an hour. We took their existing iconography and built five, one metre high neons in pop colours, housed in flight cases that became the core graphic language for the venue. We photographed each neon in detail, and applied the imagery as huge floor to ceiling digital wallpaper prints on all four floors of the venue alongside the real neons affixed to the walls in their cases. The crackling neon has an atmosphere of late night, live performance and adrenaline and creates a new branded experience and a contemporary interior concept.
Concept, art direction, production and print liaison. Photography by Louisa Parry.

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