We were approached by the global recruitment company Augmentum to re-evaluate and strengthen their brand image in a highly competitive marketplace. As their core business is searching for the very best talent for high-end international positions, we came up with the concept of 'searching for a diamond in the rough' as the starting point for their new identity. Our research led us to the simple way that diamonds are classified using line drawings, and so we created our own diamond drawing and used it as part of a silver repeat pattern with one specific coloured diamond standing out from the rest. A classic, modern, bespoke logotype was developed to support the diamond icons, and business cards were personalised with each member of staff having their own coloured diamond. The diamond pattern was also adapted into a unique animated sequence to announce the launch of their new website to the industry. Their relaunch repositioned the company with a fresh, confident, and innovative identity with a forward thinking projection.
Concept, brand identity, design and print liaison. Diamond animation by Simon Tsang.

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