The city, past and present

Esoteric London is a blog that offers an account of the city’s history, some of its folklore and quirky, century old traditions. The idea is simple - Roger's photographs of modern London accompanied by informative and often humorous archival text to create a fond appraisal of the great city. Our task was to transfer this multi layered experience into print and meet Rogers brief "to create something small and beautiful which you can slip into your pocket or handbag and read at leisure, and be the catalyst that inspires you to get off the train or bus a stop earlier than usual and discover the esoteric side of your own city”. To echo the city and its layers of history the design mixes the contemporary and the classical - typography is playful in various fonts and sizes and the crisp modern paperstocks are juxtaposed with images of weathered stone and gritty graffiti. The result is an alternative city guide with depth, energy and swagger all wrapped up in a high end paperback.
Design, art direction and print liaison, all book photography and content by Roger Dean.

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