Eau de Toilette

Their celebrated Richard James Savile Row eau de toilette first appeared in 2003, created by legendary parfumier Yves Cassar and ushering in a new era in sensual, vibrantly crafted menąs scents. Due to overwhelming customer demand to relaunch the classic fragrance, Richard James came to us with the task to re-think and re-package with a contemporary, fresh, vibrant attitude. For inspiration we spent time living with the fragrance on our skin and focused on Richard's words; “I wanted to create a truly bespoke infusion that perfectly captured the Richard James ethos of respecting traditions, but at the same time pushing the boundaries". Our challenge was to capture this attitude and fuse it with the masculine, seductive qualities of the top notes of Italian bergamot, the heart notes of Guatemalan cardamon, and the base notes of precious leather and tobacco. We researched many different creative routes that we felt summed up the brand and Savile Row, and finally came up with an abstract series of colour blends fusing the scientific effect of smell on the emotions and modern art. We settled on a gloriously uplifting blend of blue through to yellow - perfectly summing up the fresh floral burst and warm, rich undertones. The final packaging design is a work of art; a joyous, emotional, international, timeless design that sums up the confident, boundary breaking, contemporary attitude of the Richard James customer.
Concept and design. Advertising photography by Alex Beer.

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