‘Best of Show’ was our concept for the inaugural campaign to promote the major awards event for the music video industry - The UK Music Video Awards. As it was the re-launch and re-name of the CADS, a well established and well respected event, we wanted to grab the audiences attention with a campaign full of kitsch, camp and cool, so we based the campaign on the poodle portraits of artist Michael Webber. For the branding of the UK MVA we created a contemporary and versatile identity that captured both sound and vision in one - an oscillating graphic based on the digital display of a graphic equaliser, and applied it to the trophies by laser cutting the identity through clear perspex. The invitations were a series of 4 x A3 posters with an additional A3 poster showcasing the winners.
Art direction, design, product design and print liaison. Photography by Michael Webber.

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Design - UK Music Video Awards / 2011