A theme of celebration was the starting point for this campaign to promote the major awards event for the music video industry. Taking inspiration from Jeff Koons, Pop Art and fetish photography, we spent the day with a professional balloon maker, experimenting and photographing as many different animals as we could and having a great time doing so too. By the time we got to the awards night in London’s West End the theme had grown to incorporate huge onstage inflatables and an after show full of balloon animals. A glossy paper stock was chosen for the 6 x A5 postcard invitations and 2 x A3 posters to represent the look and feel of a balloon. The trophies featured the MVA logo laser-cut through clear perspex with the winners details etched onto plaques attached to the side of each award.
Concept, art direction, design, product design and print liaison. Photography by Luke Stephenson.

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