This years campaign concept adds a twist to the traditional ‘warning' tape that covers 'broken' London and follows the journey of a roll of red & white tape across the city, leading to the awards night venue of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. We worked with photographer and Esoteric London founder Roger Dean, a specialist authority on the secret, unseen, and unusual side of the capital, and over several weeks we created 'guerilla' tape installations across the city, making studies of the way the tape interacted with architecture and texture from Mayfair to Shoreditch, Brick Lane to Soho. We developed the tape concept throughout the campaign and progressed to wrapping objects completely in tape, making graphic abstracts of the stripes and animating them for the awards screens on the night. As we walked, taped and photographed we were sometimes thrilled to turn a corner and discover some red tape already in place, which we would photograph, and move on, taking credit for it and enjoying the ease and coincidence of the situation: life imitating art, or is it art imitating life?
Concept, art direction, design and print liaison. Photography by Roger Dean.

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Design - UK MVA / 2010