Our approach to the design of the Ballistic Events website was to focus on a ballistics and identification theme instead of the usual cliched shots of venues used by their competitors. Based on the tagline that summed up the company ethos: 'Every event should have its own unique personality' we researched mug-shots, shooting targets, photo-fits, eye witness accounts and in-court sketches for look and feel. Casting friends to pose in a suitably blank, expressionless way with various props we created 32 portraits: capturing the cold, scientific, washed out strip-light mug-shot skin tones of the genre. Inspired by the mechanics of vintage card & acetate photo-fit kits, we then cut out and animated over a hundred facial elements to create an almost infinite series of intriguing, but somewhat mildly sinister characters when clicked on by the user.
Website design and art direction. Photography by Peter Guenzel, web programming by Jim Hyland.

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